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Tallahassee First Children's Church Schedule 

For 2015, the Children's Church Sabbath theme is: To Be Announced Here Soon. Throughout history God has repeatedly called children into service for Him. Age is inconsequential when it comes to the calling of the Holy Spirit and the ability of a child to be obedient and respond to God's voice. Our heavenly Father goes to great lenghts to save us and to reach us, whether we are a child or an adult. It is our duty and privilege to develop the Armour of God.

2015 Children's Church Schedule 

Date: To Be Announced Here Soon! 
  • Time 10:50 a.m. - 1:00 pm
  • Meet in the Church Fellowship Hall
  • This is a program for ages 0-12 years. If a child is 3 years old or below, an adult will need to attend with the child.
  • A snack is provided.
  • Every child must be registered to participate.  
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