Mission Statement:

Galvanize the energy
and resources of
men for God, Family,
Church and Community.

Vision Statement:
Men who love and have
committed their energy
and resources to God,
Family, Church and Community.

"A good man obtains favor from the Lord:..."
Proverbs 12:2

What sport are you most interested in?
Running a marathon

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Forever Young
Perhaps you caught the story a few years ago online: A 56 year-old inventor and author predicted that human immortality is no more than 20 years away!
Babylon is Fallen
This cryptic statement is as mysterious as it is prophetic. Who is Babylon, and how did it fall? The word "Babylon" comes from the name of the ancient city, Bab-ilu (Babel). Babel and its famous tower, were built by some of Noah's descendants who doubted God's promise to never again destroy the earth by flood.
Jesus Matters
Ultimately, the only thing that matters is Jesus! Seeing and knowing him, following, obeying, sharing, and praising him mean more than money, career, health, beauty, family or friends. The top and bottom lines of life have to do with Jesus.

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Men's Ministries

Welcome to the Tallahassee First Men's Ministries Webpage!

What is Men's Ministries?
A church centered club for Christian men who want to become stronger in their faith in God, as well as strong Christian role models not only for their families, but others as well.

Who can join Men's Ministries?
If you are age 18 to Adult and are looking for Christian Male Bonding you have surfed to the right place. Younger teens may join our activities if accompanied by their dad or other responsible man.

Activities of Men's Ministries

  • Men's Bible Study Group
  • Men's Prayer Group
  • Golf
  • Softball & Basketball Games (city league)
  • Men's Prayer Breakfast
  • Hospital & Assisted Living Visitation
  • Plumbing, Construction or other Church Handy Man Projects (teach new skills)
  • Moving Assistance for Church Members
  • Heavy Lifting Assistance (Pathfinders Club fundraisers;Church Improvement Projects)
  • Mentoring other men to become stronger in Christ
  • New Father Guidance and Assistance
  • Parenting Guidance and Assistance
  • Christian Dating Guidance
  • Christian Marriage Guidance

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