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These simple online study guides, available in many languages, will help you discover the Bible's basic teachings and reveal what the future holds.

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Current Online Sabbath School Lesson Study - all age groups
Click on the icon (picture above) to access the Sabbath School Network (SSNET).

By clicking on the lower left side of the icon (picture above) where it says LISTEN one may download audio podcast recordings of the current adult lesson Quarterly, as well as archived lessons, in MP3 file format.  One person has said, "I enjoy downloading the current lesson to my iPod, and then I go on-line and bring up the current written lesson, so that I can read and hear the lesson at the same time."

When you touch VIEW at the right lower side of the icon (picture above) you may download, or watch, Central Study Hour, a popular Bible school program from Sacramento Central Church. Where you will get fresh and in-depth biblical insight from pastors such as Doug Bachelor. The site also offers downloads of many books authored by Christian authors, as well as many free downloadable special book offers.

In the LINKS section, to the left of this page, you will find a link to the Discover site. This will be of interest to Bible students of all age groups.

So grab your iPod, iPad, laptop, or activate your PC and GO GREENE as you study the daily lesson study, or read the Bible through in a year - in the language of your choice.

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