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The Last Laugh
Several years ago a German man took his female neighbor to court, for, of all things, laughing too loud! According to CNN, the unemployed man complained that the 47 year old woman who lives in the Berlin flat above his own, kept him awake with over four hours of loud laughter as she enjoyed a meal with eight of her friends.
I Can't Breathe
We rarely think twice about breathing. We breathe in. We breathe out. Air rushes into our lungs and a quick exchange takes place; oxygen in and nitrogen out. Because this element transaction takes place mindlessly, we live with little concern about breathing but this is not true for everyone. Some folks breathe in and substances like smoke, perfume or dust triggers air passageways to narrow or become blocked.
The White House Garden
When most of us think of the White House in Washington D.C., we often think of their affairs separate from ours. It is rare that our pathways will intersect with a visit to the White House but I had a chance to experience that rare moment.
The First Five Minutes
Staying physically active can help prevent or delay some diseases, like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Exercise can even help people who struggle with depression or low moods.
Reality Check On Hunger
Not too long ago, I went to the grocery store and purchased five small bags of groceries. As I reached for my wallet, the amount popped up on the cash register’s screen, $109.
The Right Direction
Picture yourself lost in a forest. You are alone and desperately want to find your way out. You haven’t a clue which direction to hike, but suddenly you remember a map in your day pack.