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2nd Quarter 2015


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Adult Sabbath School

Welcome to the Adult Sabbath School web page!

Adult Sabbath School begins at 9:30 am each Saturday morning and ends at 10:50 am. The classes are comprised of about fifteen members each with each class geared to ages 30 years and up.

All classes study the same weekly lesson from the Bible based Christian Adult Sabbath School Quarterly. "Luke" is the title of the current Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly. 

For all other languages, please follow this link to the current Sabbath School Lessons in the language of your choice. You may also receive the daily lesson study via E-mail. Here is the link for Audio, Video & Braille resources

English Sabbath School Classes meet either in the sanctuary of our church, or the Deacons Room each Saturday.

French Sabbath School Class Meets in the next-to-the-last classroom on the right off the back hallway of the church. 

There is also an additional Adult Action Sabbath School class which was begun by parents of young children who are usually in their child's classroom during Adult Sabbath School lesson study time but would still like to meet with other adults for lesson study each Saturday. Action Sabbath School class meets at 1:00 PM each Saturday,or, fifteen minutes following conclusion of the Worship Service.

You may ask the Church Greeter, on duty in the lobby of our church each Saturday, for details. Feel free to join the class of your choice.

And check back here often for the Adult Sabbath School social events and special programs which will be taking place in 2014.

2014 Current Schedule of Adult Sabbath School Activities
Collecting Local Shelter Supplies: 

  • Cleaning Supplies 
  • Laundry Detergent​
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Socks (men, women, children)
  • Toiletries (bath soap, lotion, shampoo & conditioner, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste) 
Collection Box located in the foyer of the church
Information: Community Services Leader, Tallahassee First Seventh-day Adventist Church 
Phone: (850) 877-9901 

This Quarter's 13th Sabbath Offering, to be collected on June 28, 2014, is designated for the Southern Asia division. 

For more information, click the Adventist Mission logo above 

Tithe in Israel – a Summary
A discussion of tithing would be incomplete without looking at the verses in books of Moses that discuss tithing and attempting to understand their detail. The main references are: Numbers 18: 21-32 Leviticus 27:31-33 Deuteronomy 14: 22-29 There are other