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Our Little Friend    Puzzles, Mrs. Sox reads the Sabbath School lessons and much more

Primary Treasurer   Mrs. Sox reads the Sabbath School lessons and much more

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Tallahassee First Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Summer Camp 2011 - Tallahassee Adventist Christian Academy
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Kids Podcast Childrens stories told by Elder Dwight Nelson senior pastor Pioneer Memorial Church

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Dear God

Sometimes I Doubt
Dear God: I was hit with a surging wave of doubt today. About You. Please forgive me, but I’m sometimes bombarded by the fact that everything about You, every claim You make, is invisible and has to be taken on faith.
My Child Is Hurting
Dear God: It's hard being a parent when I see my child experiencing something painful that I can't do anything about. My son is depressed and lonely. Help him take his medication.